Ep. 289: Solo Episode – Mailbag, Conspiracies & Competition

It’s been a hot second since last we did a Mailbag episode, so I figured it was time for one.

And I was wrong! I only got one question! Usually I get a nice deluge of them, but apparently you’re all busy living your lives, and I don’t begrudge you that. Hell, I’m vaccinated, the weather is sometimes nice outside, and I’d rather be literally anywhere besides here in front of this damn computer.

Anyway, I answer the one question I got about which former guest’s job I’d least like to do, and then spend some time talking about why I despise conspiracy theorists so much, how I’m competitive but don’t give a crap about winning, why it’s important to listen to those we disagree with and wherever else my feral, stream-of-consciousness brain takes me. It’s 30 minutes, and I actually attempt to tie all this together at the end. Do I succeed? I don’t really care! Listen and enjoy!

You can hear it on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, get it on Spotify, or find it on my homepage.

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