Ep. 241: R. Alan Brooks Returns!

R. Alan Brooks appeared on this show 101 episodes ago (Episode 140, to be exact) talking about his graphic novel The Burning Metronome. He returns to talk about his newest graphic novel, a post-apocalyptic Western called Anguish Garden. Please check out his Kickstarter, which I have personally donated to, here.

This is a dynamite show for a couple of reasons. First, Alan has a ton of projects going on including writing a weekly cartoon called “What’d I Miss?” for the Colorado Sun, hosting the Motherf**ker in a Cape Podcast, and hosting a regular Open Mic at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox where he freestyles with a couple of jazz musicians.

Second, when I met Alan two and a half years ago, he was someone I vibed with immediately. We have a similar view of the world, we have conversations about charged issues with insight, nuance, and respect, and we just get along really, really well. You’ll find that in this episode as Alan shares some experiences of being a black man in America in this day and age, what it’s like to get a death threat (based solely on this headline: “Cartoonist R. Alan Brooks takes on white supremacy in his newest graphic novel, ‘Anguish Garden'”), and why being entertaining is equally as important (if not more important) than making a statement about the world.

It’s a tremendous conversation, and I know you’ll get a hell of a lot out of it. I certainly did.

Donate to Alan’s Kickstarter here.

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