Ep. 236: Gerald Rivers – Pro Football Player, Business Development at Bulow Jewelers

Gerald Rivers is new to the team at Bulow Jewelers, but being new to an organization has never been a challenge for him. When you’re a professional athlete, you find yourself integrating yourself into new cultures frequently, and, in his case, learning a brand new playbook every time you change teams. Gerald’s good at this, which makes him a natural fit with Avi’s team at Bulow Jewelers.

This week’s show is one of my favorite types of shows. It’s a show that features two equally meaty, but seemingly disconnected parts. We spend a great deal of time discussing Gerald’s football career – how he only started playing in high school, what it’s like being a student athlete (Gerald played for Ole Miss and graduated with a degree in business and marketing, and many tales from the trenches of professional football.

But we also talk about Gerald’s emerging second act working in business development for Bulow Jewelers – how he essentially got handed a playbook to learn on his first day, how some of his skills have translated into this role, and how he’s trying to help his friends not get ripped off when they buy jewelry.

Above all, I just really enjoyed my time with Gerald and chatting with him. We shared many laughs, he’s got great insights, and he’s just plain old good-hearted dude who I could spend any amount of time talking with on any number of subjects. I suspect you’ll enjoy being a fly on the wall for this one.

Be sure to visit Bulow Jewelers on the web, or check them out in person at 910 16th Street, Suite 1223, Denver, 80202. (Full discloure: Bulow Jewelers is a client of Deft Communications, but did not make any requests with regard to the content of the interview.)

Check out Gerald on Instagram.

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