Ep. 229: Dax Hunter Jordan – Musician, Producer, Teacher

Dax Hunter Jordan is someone I’ve been friends with since I was 12, but that I haven’t talked to in probably 20 years. He’s a musician, a producer, and a music teacher who’s had a remarkable career. You can find more of him at his official website. All the ways of keeping up with Dax can be found there.

This episode runs a bit long, but I knew it would when I booked it. Dax has a fascinating view of the world, and considering both he and I have a wide variety of interests and opinions, I wanted to be sure to give us plenty of time to talk about whatever came up.

And on this episode, we cover a lot of ground. We talk about his degree in environmental science and the work he did remediating oil and gas sites. We talk about his career in music which includes stints in bands ranging in styles from punk and ska to gothic rock to glam rock to jam bands. And most notably, what ties this episode together is Dax’s guiding life philosophy about the interconnectedness of everything in the universe, the importance of building empathy in the world, and why music is transcendent.

And if that doesn’t sell you, tune in for Dax’s story of taking mushrooms in the Sand Dunes and asking the universe for what he wants. It’s harrowing, intense, funny in parts, and altogether fascinating.

You can download this episode on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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