Ep. 220: Adam Johnston – CEO, Last Call Trivia

Adam Johnston is the CEO of Last Call Trivia, which began in the Fall of 2007 when Adam and his co-founder Drew saw a niche for great Trivia Nights in the Cincinnati market. The 10 years that followed bootstrapped their love of Trivia into the seats of hundreds of bars across the country.

His team reached out to me for this episode, and I immediately jumped at the chance because I love bar trivia (having dedicated an entire month to one of their rival companies 4+ years ago), and Adam seemed like he had a cool story.

This episode touches on a lot of things that I love, which I was pleasantly surprised to find that Adam loves, too. Topics on this episode include Adam starting this company with no money and sharing with me to how it’s grown to hundreds of locations with 13 full-time employees and hundreds more across the country serving as hosts. So there’s entrepreneurship, right there.

We also talk about baseball, musical theater, professional wrestling (he once met Ric Flair!), and craft beer. So yeah, this is a fun episode for me personally, which means the conversation is easygoing and lively, and I think you’ll love it, too.

Find Last Call Trivia at their website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and Instagram.

This episode is available for download on iTunes, streaming on Stitcher, or at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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