Ep. 22: Marc Leverette – Auteur

Marc Leverette is an auteur. He is someone who does not do well with downtime, and he is someone dedicated to thinking about art and putting it into the world. He is this week’s guest on the podcast. In a way, I find Marc to be a kindred spirit because he finds the beauty, the uniqueness and the interest in every person he encounters. Without stating it, I believe this is what informs Marc’s professional photography, which you can find at Marc Leverette Photography and The Monkey Lab, (both of which can be best kept up with on Facebook) and, more importantly, Marc’s work in personal archiving.

Marc has spent a small portion of each day documenting his life. The result is a film he calls Capers in Dry Brine, the trailer for which can be found here, and the origin for which we discuss in the episode. In addition to this Sisyphean task, he’s taken on the even Sisypheaner (that’s a word, yes?) of taking 55 photos per day with a simple point-and-shoot camera. That project can be found here.

What can I say? I adore Marc and find him exceedingly interesting. This chat has it all. Art, theories of cinema, finding a weird friend who shares your sensibility, mental health, coping with depression, and awesome, esoteric art. Listen, won’t you?

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