Ep. 216: Kent Frazier – Leadership Coach, HR Executive, Fellow Dad

Kent Frazier is a seasoned and wise HR Executive, catalyst and steward of Conscious Capitalism, Ironman Finisher, musician, athlete, father, and transformational coach. Kent is also an advocate for ending stigma related to mental health in the workplace, sharing his experience with depression and anxiety on the Silent Superheroes podcast.

He’s also my buddy, as we met thanks to our adorable 4 year-old girls, who are besties in their class at school. I asked him to sit down with me since we’re both entrepreneurs, work in semi-related fields, have both struggled with depression, and have a lot of thoughts about the state of things as it relates to mental health.

This episode is a journey, man. Kent’s had a fascinating career path that has seen him undergo some significant personal change along the way. We cover a great deal of it in depth on this week’s show along with some philosophical musings about how we define ourselves, the state of society, and how we come to learn about ourselves in profound ways.

Kent would like to point you to his own website, where you can learn more about his work, Conscious Capitalism, the Silent Superheroes Podcast (where Kent was a guest), and This Is My Brave. Check out all those links because those folks are all doing great work.

This episode is available for download on iTunes, streaming on Stitcher, or at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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