Ep. 209: Shalisa Pouw – Event Planner, Entrepreneur

Shalisa Pouw is someone I met when I was 12. We were pals, and then she went to a different high school and we didn’t reconnect again until a few weeks ago. I’m so glad we did, because she’s got a fascinating work history. Thanks to Ginna Santy and Mel Ulle for bringing Shalisa back into my consciousness!

After college, Shalisa was a dancer for the Denver Nuggets for two years, got involved with Pure Barre (even owning her own franchise for about seven years), began planning events, and finds herself involved in a ton of cool stuff all around town. Be sure to click those links below to keep up with all Shalisa’s doing.

You can find Shalisa’s work for Bumble at DenverHive on Facebook. Shalisa teaches at Pure Barre Cherry Creek and at Rush Cycle in The Highlands. Check out a ton of cool festivals through Shalisa’s work at DiningOut Events. And of course, be sure to check out The Wedding Party, which is one of the most creative and ambitious events I’ve ever heard of. The best place to keep up with Shalisa is on her Instagram account, which you can find @Shalisa_P.

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