Ep. 207: Will Spilo – Co-founder of CBD Luxe

Will Spilo is the Co-founder of CBD Luxe, which sells CBD inhalers, tinctures, vape pens and CBD sublingual sprays. He’s had a fascinating journey leading up to the founding of this company, which includes a career as a big mountain snowboarder, an international heli-ski guide, owner of a construction business, and a stint in private finance.

What’s most interesting to me is during our chat, Will tells me that when he turned 41, “the glue failed,” meaning that his body started to betray him. After years and years of pushing his athletic limits, and not by virtue of some horrific crash, he needed an alternative to taking all the NSAIDs he ingested, and began to learn about CBD.

On a personal note, I love talking about the cannabis industry because, as Will articulates in this show, if the evolution of cannabis were likened to a baseball game, we’re only in the top of the 2nd inning. We’ve got a lot to learn, and that growth rate is exponential.

Will is a fascinating guy with a terrific story, and we hit it off famously in this episode. Give it a listen, and once you’re done with that, check out Will’s bio here, the company website here, and their Facebook page here.

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