Ep. 20: Thea Domber – Fashion Blogger, Founder of Effortless Anthropologie

Thea Domber, or “Roxy,” is the creator and shopping blogger behind Effortless Anthropologie, a blog dedicated to, but not officially affiliated with, Anthropologie. In this week’s stylish episode, Roxy talks about the origins of her blog, how she’s turned it into a revenue generator, and some of the potential pitfalls of being a professional blogger from dealing with trolls to getting carried away with buying new outfits and driving yourself into debt. Roxy and Jon also talk a bit about New York, tastemakers in the online world, and what it’s like being “Type A-minus” in a city full of Type A people.

You can find Effortless Anthropologie at its homepage as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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