Ep. 193: Lindsey & Tyler Mintz – Co Founders of Arcanum

Lindsey and Tyler Mintz are the co-founders of Arcanum, a company specializing in activated hemp. Working with Mary’s Nutritionals, Arcanum creates performance and recovery products that will transform your body from the inside out.

Lindsey and Tyler have an interesting story as neither of them were particularly interested in the cannabis industry, but an autoimmune disease within Lindsey encouraged her to try CBD. Tyler, after doing tons and tons of research, followed. They both found that not only did their health improve, but a number of other benefits arose as well. Listen to the episode and their story speaks for itself.

On a personal note, they gave me some free trials of their products, which is why I held off on publishing this episode for a month. I’ve been taking The Quill for the last 30 days or so, and my sleep is better, my anxiety is much more manageable, and I’m just feeling better overall. They invited me to join their affiliate program, and since their products did good things for me, those benefits should go to you, too.

So, listen to the episode, then if you’re interested, click this ad.

Type in jon10 at the checkout and receive 10% off your order. It’s just that simple.

Now then, enough shilling. This episode is a fun one. We talk bodybuilding, rugby, raising kids, the cannabis industry, and ton more. Lindsey and Tyler are both terrific people, and this episode flies by in a flash.

You can download it on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

Check out Arcanum on Instagram, and Facebook.

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