Ep. 188: Ari Hoffman – Psychotherapist, Outdoor Guide

Ari Hoffman is a psychotherapist who recently fully went out on his own. You can find his website here. He cares about shifting the paradigm not only for how we address, understand and treat mental health, but also healthcare in general. That’s why he founded the Integrated Care Institute, which you can also learn more about on his website. He’s also created Avanim Adventures, which provides¬†wilderness trips to those who wish to explore the beauty of wild places.

Ari’s a man of many passions, and at first glance it might seem like he’s all over the place. But after talking to him and spending some time putting this episode together, the picture became much clearer to me. Ari is about helping people overcome themselves and break through to be the best versions of themselves. He enjoys helping people overcome trauma in his practice. He sees an opportunity for us to do better in terms of understand healthcare in a more complete way, so he starts his own institute. He wants people to get out of their comfort zone, so he takes them out into the wilderness.

It’s a remarkable guy who can spread himself in so many directions, yet have more passions bubbling beneath the surface. On this week’s show, we also talk about recognizing our depression and what we can do in that space between stimulus and reaction. We talk about burnout. We talk about self-care. And lest you think this is some dour meditation on the struggle of life, we spend most of this episode laughing.

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1 comment on “Ep. 188: Ari Hoffman – Psychotherapist, Outdoor Guide

  1. Jon, this was first time to your website, first time to hear your podcast and I’ll be back!

    Thank you so much for the interview with Ari Hoffman! As a mental health professional, I took away so many nuggets to noodle on and apply to my own life.

    Ari Hoffman, I am inspired! Thank you!

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