Ep. 171: Chad Hadersbeck – Co-Frontman of Goodnight Freeman

Chad Hadersbeck is the Co-Frontman of Denver indie rock band Goodnight Freeman. He’s also someone I met in my professional life with whom I immediately hit it off because we’re both working side hustles while building successful careers. It’s strange the way the world will bring you together with folks you didn’t know you needed to know until you knew them. Chad is one of those dudes for me.

On this week’s show we talk about how to build an indie band from the ground up. How do you go from the simple desire of wanting to play to sucking for awhile and not even having a drummer to opening for national touring acts? Chad walks us through Goodnight Freeman’s journey and shares insight into the business of running a band. You can’t just show up at a club with your instruments and say, “Hey, we’re a band! When do we go onstage?” There are a lot of steps that go beyond simply playing the music that I think we all sort of know, but maybe don’t appreciate if we’re not doing it every day the way these guys are.

These types of shows always bring me joy because it’s fun to catch someone on the ascent. Having gotten to know Chad, and now having exposure to Goodnight Freeman, I’m certain you’ll be hearing plenty more about them as time goes on.

The day this episode goes live – April 11, 2018 – Goodnight Freeman plays at the Larimer Lounge with Sure Sure, who’s on a national tour. So be sure to check them out there. Should be a great show! And you can find all of Goodnight Freeman’s material at their homepage, which is right here.

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