Ep. 167: Savannah King – Savannah the Balloon Twister

“My dad’s a clown.” – probably everyone at some point in their life, thinking about their own father.

Savannah King can tell you what it’s like to grow up when your dad is a literal and professional clown. Owners of Zany Entertainments, the overarching company of which Savannah the Balloon Twister is a part, Savannah’s family has been in the children’s entertainment business for her entire life. Offering services including face painting, balloon twisting, body art, magic, clowning, and singing telegrams, Zany Entertainments provides an impressive array of entertainment options for your next party.

On this week’s episode, Savannah provides a charming and remarkably insightful peek into this world chronicling how she got involved in balloon twisting at a young age, growing up with a clown for a dad, and how this work paid for her college and grad school. I cannot think of a more fun way to return to form than this episode.

Also in here:

  • Some names of balloon twists I’ll bet you didn’t know before you listened to this show
  • How people play “stump the twister” when she’s working, and why that never works
  • The peril of doing an “Please forgive me” singing telegrams, and why the company no longer does them
  • The strangest party she ever worked
  • Showing off her skills at “Balloon Jams” with other twisters
  • The sense of community in this industry and how small it really is

Needless to say, it’s a fascinating episode with a wonderful and delightful woman showcasing work I’ve certainly experienced, but never explored in any meaningful way.

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