Ep. 16: Jason Heller – Professional Freelance Journalist

Jon of All Trades by the numbers

This week’s guest is Jason Heller, who is a professional freelance journalist. Jason is a Senior Writer at the AV Club, a contributor to Pitchfork, a Hugo Award winner for his editing at Clarkesworld, book reviewer for NPR.org, and Denver punk. He joins Jon on this week’s episode, and the two proceed to have the longest conversation in the history of this show covering everything from Jason’s excellent Fear of a Punk Decade series on the AV Club, to how he won one of the most prestigious science fiction awards you can win, to Jason’s debut novel Taft 2012. The conversation literally has something for everyone, whether you’re into music, journalism, science fiction and fantasy, politics, civics, or just want to hear from a professional writer on how to make that career work.

You can find Jason at his author page on Amazon, or on Twitter.

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