Ep. 152: John Brackney – Man About Town

John Brackney is Director of Public Policy & Community Engagement at Webolutions. He’s also the former President & CEO of the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, Arapahoe County Commissioner (Chair in 2000), a veteran of the Army National Guard, and on more boards and a part of more organizations that I can realistically list here.

Ergo, this episode is titled: John Brackney – Man About Town.

He’s also someone I’ve had the privilege of interacting with on a semi-regular basis since I met him probably five years ago, in one of the more entertaining pitch meetings I ever had during my time in corporate. We get into that story on the show, and I think you’ll find it as amusing now, as I did while it was happening.

We also spend some time talking about his tenure in the military, which I found incredibly valuable since I know very little about the military and don’t know much about the ins and outs of what working in the military is like. Additionally, consider this episode a bit of a civics lesson as we talk about what a county commissioner actually does. If you want to understand the core of government and go to a level where things actually get done, understanding the county level is crucial. And John, who at the time was the youngest county commissioner ever elected, illustrates the work accomplished beautifully.

But more than anything, this episode is about the beauty of how we try to connect as humans. No matter what John works on, that’s his goal. How do we connect with our fellow humans? And this episode explores all the different ways that’s manifested in his career. Along the way we talk about leadership, patriotism, civic engagement, and a ton more. It’s a wonderfully full episode that I’m immensely proud to bring to you.

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  1. Jon, our conversation was a real honor. You have a brilliant talent in conversation and listening. This was a privilege – thank you.

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