Ep. 133: Eileen Agosta – Independent Filmmaker, TMD Films

Eileen Agosta is an independent filmmaker, the creative force behind TMD Films, works at the Emerging Filmmakers Project and Colorado Independent Women of Film, and is my guest on Ep. 133 of the podcast.

On this week’s show we talk about the life of an independent filmmaker, how early dreams of selling her first feature (made while in college at Colorado State University) at Sundance didn’t exactly pan out, the many hats she wears on every production, and a ton more. It’s a snapshot into one of my favorite things in the world: DIY culture. Every day in Colorado, there are people out there working around the margins to create the cool stuff we all enjoy, striving to achieve their dreams, and contributing positively to what we all love about living here.

It’s not always easy, of course. Her current feature Trauma, has been in production for years, and we talk about the many things that can derail an independent film. She hopes to finish it later this Spring.

We also talk about Patrick Sheridan, featured on Ep. 119 of the show, and how he literally changed her life. Patrick is an incredible person whose episode featured us talking about his fight with pancreatic cancer, so getting to highlight him once again is a real privilege. Give money to Patrick’s GoFundMe page as he continues his battle.

Eileen is a tremendous creative talent, a delightful person, and this episode is an inside look into the mind and practice of creative professional. Moviemaking is endlessly fascinating to me, so getting access into someone who’s spilled blood, sweat, tears, and, yes, lasagna, into the process, makes for a tremendous episode of the podcast.

You can follow Eileen on Twitter, like TMD Films on Facebook, as well as her feature Trauma.

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