Ep. 131: Scott Yates – Entrepreneur, Daylight Savings Time Abolitionist

Scott Yates is a former journalist, founder of MyTrafficNews.com, Legislative Database, and BlogMutt. He’s also the guy you can thank when he succeeds in ending the stupid time change in this country that screws up your circadian rhythm, messes up your kids, and ultimately has deadly consequences. That’s right… DEADLY!

Where can you find out more about the deadliness of the time change, you ask, correctly and with trepidation? First, check out Sco.tt/time, and read all the info Scott Yates has compiled about this. Second, check out this New Yorker piece featuring Scott geeking out with a dude who has studied the… it turns out… arbitrariness of time and why ending the time change will benefit us all. Third, listen to this week’s episode!

Wherein we talk not only about the time change and its sort of strange origins, but also share more stories from the startup trenches, discuss the dirty secret of media relations and content creation, and discuss how our wives helped each of us avoid truly terrible names for the endeavors we have created. Also of note in this episode, the rate of new company creation in this country is sharply on the decline. Check out this to learn more about why this is a bad thing.

Scott is an engaging dude who has gained tremendous insight about the world, about what it takes to start a new business, and why we shouldn’t be afraid to start new businesses even without the benefit of venture capital. I hit it off immediately with Scott, and the easygoing nature of this enjoyable chat shines through right away in the first minute. You’ll enjoy this episode, and if you dig Scott, you can catch him on Tech Tuesday on 9News every week. Or visit his blog at Sco.tt.

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