Ep. 126: Jon Eks Solo – Westword Best of Denver 2017

This week it’s just me once again, and I go completely unfiltered. In a profanity-filled and expletive-laden 30+ minutes, I make the case not only for why you should vote for me in the Westword Readers’ Choice 2017 Best of Denver Awards, but why you should listen to my show at all.

Why does this episode include so much profanity? I recorded it after my youngest daughter was up from 12:45-4:15 the previous night and in the midst of dealing with it the following day by drinking. So, needless to say, my defenses are down and I have neither the energy nor the patience to bullshit you about this.

Why should you vote for me? Not because I care about winning awards – I don’t. But rather because I care about contributing something that’s good and worthwhile to the world, and I recognize that awards will help draw attention to whatever you’re trying to create. I believe this show matters, and I want it to stand in contrast to so much of the ugliness in our world today. I want it to build empathy, tear down walls, demystify the unknown, and help us understand our fellow humans. If that matters to you, take a minute and vote for me.

Just another quick word: My feature piece in the Denver Business Journal is no longer behind a paywall. So go and read it. Also watch the video where I reference Gale Sayers and Gracie Allen in the same two minutes.

The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and the Jon of All Trades homepage.

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