Ep. 125: Midian Crosby – Monster Makeup FX

Midian Crosby is the founder of Monster Makeup FX, whose mission statement you can find below:

“We believe that special effects makeup and in-camera special FX are experiencing a powerful renaissance.¬†We passionately support independent film and video-content production by creating super-realistic practical special FX and special effects makeup for movies, TV shows, commercials, and a huge variety of other projects.”

On this week’s show, Midian takes me through her early days in the film industry building up her 10,000 hours to get fully competent and confident in the world of special effects and filmmaking. We talk about some of the things Monster Makeup FX does, some of the projects they’ve worked on, the state of the film industry in general, why she and her partner Josh are taking their show on the road in a big RV, and what her ultimate dream project would be. She gives a long answer and a short answer. Both are incredibly compelling in their own way.

This was a fun episode for a few reasons. First, Midian has incredible enthusiasm and passion for what she does, which makes talking to her both incredibly fun, and very easy. Second, I’m continually surprised by how deep the film community in Denver actually is, and the new avenues I get to explore within it. Midian and her company are an absolute gem, and I adore this episode. Third, I’m a huge fan of the Syfy show Face Off, and getting her insider’s view of how that show is constructed provided fun insight I’d never otherwise get. A lot going on in this episode!

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