Ep. 119: Patrick Sheridan – SPECIAL RE-POST

This is not the post I wanted to write. This is not the episode I wanted to do.

But here we are. Patrick Sheridan passed away yesterday. Here is his memorial fund. Please donate to it.

I had interviewed Patrick on December 22, 2016, two days before what he referred to as his “expiration date.” His doctors had given him 6 months to live, yet he beat that by more than a year. Pancreatic cancer is an absolute motherfucker of a disease, and Patrick nobly battled it to the very end. In the episode, he gave a detailed account of the treatments he had cobbled together, the nightmarish intricacies of our impossible healthcare system, what he had learned, and a ton more.

It was, and is, the most harrowing episode I’ve ever produced. And despite that foreboding description, the episode was not dark or fatalistic. On the contrary, Patrick was uplifting, and at times very, very funny. In short, it’s the best episode of this show that has ever existed.

I thought it only appropriate that I contribute in my own small way to memorializing Patrick by re-posting his episode with a brand new intro. So I re-recorded the intro this morning in my car in an empty parking lot with anecdotes about the last times I had seen Patrick and my last correspondence with him. Despite my best efforts, I cry through much of it.

Patrick Sheridan had a profoundly positive impact on those he touched, and we will miss him dearly. I hope this episode helps in some way in coping with this loss, even a little bit. And then go donate to his memorial fund.

Rest in peace, Patrick Sheridan.

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