Not really a post, but something I just wanted to share because I’ve watched this maybe 25 times this week, and there are still no signs of me slowing down.

Out of nowhere, and with no explanation, my friend Jamie sends me a YouTube link via text. I’m not in a good place to open it, so there it rots for a few days. When I finally get around to watching it, I am blessed with a gift straight from the heavens. This is only one of the funniest sketches I’ve ever seen. And I’m pleased to share it with you now. Enjoy.

Thanks, Key & Peele. I may never stop laughing now.

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  1. Dee says:

    (40 inputs to mix??). Doing that is how I keep csierpsomon out of the monitors on the LS9, I just put copies of the vocal channels on the second layer and send the monitors from their. If not, how can I keep csierpsomon out of my monitors? Can I change the signal chain to EQ > sends > dynamics?This is my only reservation about the console. I don’t mind the layering, I’ve spent tons of time on an LS9 so I’m going to feel free as a bird no matter what on this board. I don’t use expansion cards so I don’t need to wait for anything. If I can wrap my head around how I’m going to deal with csierpsomon and monitors then I might be ready to pull the trigger. Thanks for doing these reviews, really helpful to those of us without access to these new consoles.

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