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I didn’t know this would happen, per se, but this is always how things unfold. I announce that I’m going on hiatus, and cool shit starts to happen. I get introduced to new potential guests, people from my life I haven’t seen in forever start coming back out of the woodwork, and the Denver Post features this little old podcast in its pages!

That’s right, John Wenzel wrote a terrific piece about Denver podcasts centered around the 150th episode of These Things Matter. He reached out to me, and dammit if he didn’t tell me he was struck by my show because it was one of the few centered on business and was different than the standard show format of comedians talking to other comedians about whatever. That’s flattering!

So, please head over to the Denver Post, and check out his article, which I’ve conveniently linked for you right here. I’ve got three solid grafs right in the middle, and am listed second on the bottom where John provides a local podcast sampler. In it, he describes the show thusly:

“Jon of All Trades”

On this rare business-oriented podcast, Jon Ekstrom indulges his professional curiosity with the oddly compelling minutia of wildly random jobs.

Goddammit. That’s a better description of my show than I’ve ever written. I’ve only invested a thousand or so hours on this show… John talks to me for 15 minutes, and in 21 words nails the essence of my show beautifully and more eloquently than I ever have (or probably could). That’s incredibly intellectually frustrating. It’s like experiencing this for real, except neither of us is a crusty old woman.

Ultimately I don’t care, because a thing of beauty is a joy forever. And that’s really good.

It was cool getting to talk to John, and be a part of his story. Looks like it’s time to tape some more episodes… I’ll be back soon.

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