Coming This Week: Dr. Steve Zelie

This week’s guest is Dr. Steve Zelie, who, until just a couple of months ago was my dentist for nearly 30 years. He has practiced dentistry for nearly 40 years, and finally decided to hang it up. On this week’s show we discuss the odd route he took to going to dental school, some of the funny, outdated tests they used to give aspiring dentists, the weird ways this job breaks down your body, and some of the weirder things he’s encountered during his career. Also, are there people who are actually good and dedicated at flossing, or is that a total myth?

All this and more comes to you this Wednesday, July 22. You can listen to the episode at the Jon of All Trades homepage, download it on iTunes, or stream it on Stitcher.

The photo is of Dr. Zelie with Drs. Erin Cettie and Tiffany Manzo, those to whom he sold his practice. You can check out their Google+ page here.

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