Coming This Week: Dr. Joe Borden

This week’s guest is Dr. Joe Borden, O.D. He is an optometrist at Avenue Vision in Golden, CO, which provides truly comprehensive, developmental eye care through traditional and holistic optometry. What exactly is holistic optometry? We get into that very topic on this week’s show.

Dr. Borden is also good enough to indulge many of the strange questions you may have about your eyes. What are those floaty, black, squiggly things you sometimes see in your vision? How does he overcome people who have a phobia about people touching their eyes? Is this what it takes to get near some people’s eyes? Why are sunglasses more than just a cool people affectation, especially in Colorado? As an optometrist, has he ever seen the movie At First Sight with Val Kilmer, and what does he think of it?

We also get into the moving story of why Joe went into optometry, what it’s like getting his degree, and how Avenue Vision is different than your standard optometrist.

All in all, there’s a ton in this episode, and you owe it to yourself (and your eyes) to check it out. Join us on Wednesday, August 5 for this great installment of the Jon of All Trades Podcast.

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