Coming This Week: Chuck Fryberger

This week’s guest is Chuck Fryberger, owner of Sparkshop, a locally owned video production company based in Denver, which creates high quality content for action sports, commercial and cinema. Their stuff is badass, and you should take a gander at their galleries page of their website to get a feel for the beauty and energy of their work.

Chuck sits down with me above his studio and chats about how he turned his passion for climbing and his talents for cinematography and audio technology into a full-time career that has sent him all over the world. We also talk about the risks of filming action sports, his role as moviemaker in potentially putting people in serious danger, and what it’s like setting up a production in the middle of some extremely remote parts of the world.

It’s an awesome chat, and a peek into a crazy universe. Don’t miss it when the episode drops on Wednesday, July 29. Available at the homepage, streamed on Stitcher, or downloadable on iTunes.

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