Coming This Week (8.31.15): Aaron Mercer

This week’s guest is Aaron Mercer, research scientist with Novo Nordisk, Inc. On this week’s show, which I unofficially like to call “How To Be a Scientist,” we take the long and winding journey with Aaron through undergrad, graduate school, post-doc, and finally with one of the world’s leading biotech companies. It’s a remarkable journey, and one I’m thankful to Aaron for sharing.

We also touch on Aaron’s work in neuroscience, how he became interested in the intersection between brain chemistry and appetite, diabetes, why organic chemistry is such a brutal class for so many undergrads, and a ton more science stuff. As Aaron’s a man of many passions, we also talk about incorrect (or perhaps incomplete) portrayals of scientists in media, as well as his love of craft beer, distance running, cooking, and more.

Full episode this week, gang. Be sure to download it on Wednesday, September 2, and don’t forget to put your learnin’ hat on. You’ll need it because with Aaron… SCIENCE IS FUN! Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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