Coming This Week (8.24.15): Justin Finesilver

This week’s guest is Justin Finesilver, head of marketing and operations at The 3-D Printing Store. If, like me, you don’t know much about 3-D printing, you’ll definitely want to give this episode a listen because 3-D printing is the wave of the future.

I sit down with Justin in the flagship location of The 3-D Printing Store in Northeast Denver and he gives me a full picture of what 3-D printing is capable of. We talk about printing everything from mechanical hinges, machine parts, and out-of-date components for things people thought they could never restore to applications in the medical field (such as prosthetics), potential in living cells, and even food production. The possibilities are endless, and it was an incredible pleasure getting to learn more about it from someone on the cutting edge.

Don’t miss this episode when it drops on Wednesday, August 26 at the Jon of All Trades homepage, for download on iTunes, and for streaming on Stitcher.

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