Coming This Week (8.17.15): Tim Lollar

This week’s guest is Tim Lollar, former Major League Baseball pitcher and currently the Head Golf Pro at Lakewood Country Club. Tim shares insights with me about his baseball career, how his transition into the second act of his career wasn’t as challenging as it can be for some athletes, how he was able to work on his golf game during his pitching career and more.

This episode features a bit of baseball and golf wonkiness, so if you’re not predisposed toward either of those things, this may not be the episode for you. However, if that DOES sound like it’s your thing, join us as we talk about keeping hitters honest by pitching inside, why being a pro athlete today is likely harder than it was during his time, his favorite (and least favorite!) places to play, players to face, what it’s like to be an Opening Day starter and a ton more. And I finally get an answer to the question of just what exactly the baserunner and the first baseman are talking about.

Fun chat! And it’s not everyday I get to talk to a Major Leaguer, so be sure to join us on Wednesday, August 19 for this great new episode of the Jon of All Trades Podcast. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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