Coming This Week (8.10.15): Roxie Falco

This week’s guest is Roxie Falco, paramedical esthetician and owner of Flawless Skin Studio, an advanced skin care clinic ┬áspecializing in clinical facials, chemical peels and body waxing.On this week’s show, Roxie shares her lifelong passion for makeup, skin care, and all things aesthetic health. She takes us on the journey of working for cosmetic companies, traveling around as an educator, and how she came to open her own shop.


We also talk about the difference between why you would come to see her versus why you would go to a typical day spa, the real and imagined pain associated with some of what she does, how we can all take better care of our skin, and… you ready for this? Roxie reveals what the Fountain of Youth is. Spoiler: It’s something you should have been using all along.

It’s a wildly informative chat and you owe it to the health of your largest organ (your skin, you pervs) to give it a listen. You can do so on Wednesday, August 12 at the Jon of All Trades homepage, download it on iTunes, or stream it on Stitcher.

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