Coming This Week (7.13.15): Me!

My severance term stemming from my corporate layoff is officially over! They gave me three months, and as of July 7, those three months are up. So what have I been up to? How is it going? Am I going to go broke in the near future or am I prospering like I never knew I could? Is it terrifying everyday working for myself? Spoiler alert: Yes!

I think it’s time to check in since I took time off of this show to get my new business up and running. Now that we’re up and running, I think psychically knowing that my severance term is up is as good a time to take inventory as any other. I have no idea exactly what shape this show is going to take since I’m recording it tomorrow (Tuesday, July 14), so if there’s something you want to know, drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter, and hit me up with a question. I’ll answer almost anything related to this, so don’t be shy.

And considering I’ve only done a solo show one other time, this is a rare opportunity to force me to talk about myself instead of deflecting all my energy onto my guest (which is my preferred modus operandi). As much as I enjoy blogging (now blogging more here, than at this site), I’m extremely uncomfortable talking about myself verbally. Don’t expect this to happen again soon and take advantage if there’s something you want to know.

So join me on Wednesday, July 15 for a special edition of the Jon of All Trades Podcast! You can download it on iTunes, Stitcher, or right here at the homepage. See you soon!

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