Coming This Week (10.5.15): Jake Browne

This week’s guest is Jake Browne, who has so much going on that he’s likely going to make this preview look like spam thanks to all the links I need to use to point you to all his projects. [big deep breath in] Here we go…

Jake is the host of Uncalled Four, an interactive monthly show where audience members come up with fill-in-the-blank or question cards that four comedians must answer with a deck of cards they’ve created. Prizes are given to those in the crowd with the best suggestions, but everyone gets to vote on their favorite answer each round. After 30 minutes, the comic with the most points wins! Not officially affiliated with Cards Against Humanity, but you have that game in your head, you’re on the right track. They just launched a Kickstarter that’s currently kicking ass and has already reached its goal. Check it out here.

Jake is also one of the co-hosts of the Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast, a podcast about podcast. It’s also goddamn hilarious and something you should listen to immediately, assuming you’re not already.

In addition to his hosting duties, Jake is also a marijuana critic for The Cannabist where he does strain overviews, product reviews, and a hell of a lot more. Interested in weed? This is the place where you can find everything you want to know.

And finally, Jake is a co-founder at Hemp Box, where members receive an assortment of the latest health, beauty and lifestyle products, all made with 100% legal hemp. Each box contains 4-5 sample sized goodies for you to try.

So, what do we talk about on this week’s show? All of your favorite things: comedy, weed, politics, free speech, podcasting, and whatever else gets caught in the flow state we achieve in this hour+ chat. You’ll love it. Check it out when it drops on Wednesday, October 7. Available at the Jon of All Trades homepage, iTunes, and Stitcher.

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