Coming This Week (10.18.15): Tom Haren

This week’s guest is Tom Haren, CEO of AGPROfessionals, a full-service agricultural development company providing┬áservices for the agriculture industry across the United States. Normally, I like to feature a lot about my guests biographically, but that’s not the way this week’s show goes. I consider this a bit of a shame considering what an interesting and cool guy Tom Haren is.

But on this week’s episode, Tom and I spend the vast majority of our time together talking about agricultural issues. This includes hot button issues such as animal welfare, GMOs, urban sprawl, conventional farming compared to organic and sustainable farming, and how we’re going to feed an ever-increasing global population. It’s important stuff, and I’m sad we only had an hour to delve into all the things we covered.

Tune in on Wednesday, October 21 for the next installment of the Jon of All Trades Podcast with Tom Haren. You can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, and on our homepage.

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