Racist? Or not quite there?

What happened here? That’s ¾ of a swastika I found carved into some wood above a urinal at a restaurant in Carson City, NV. Who the hell carves almost an entire swastika into something and then gives up?

Can you imagine being this guy? Pulling out his Swiss Army Knife and trying to scrawl this into a semi-popular pub in a relatively small city in flyover country…

God, I hate this country. Blacks, Jews, queers… They have all the power. We’re a white country. This belongs to us. And they’re taking it from us. Taking it from us! Stealing! Nothing but a bunch of no-good, low down dirty thieves. Yeah, well this’ll show ‘em. Show ‘em who’s boss. Who’s in charge. The white man. The white man’s in charge! You hear that, Mr. President? What kind of a country elects a coon to be president, anyway? President Coon. Ha! That one’s going on Facebook.

(Man, this is hard work. Why does this symbol have to have so many corners? Why didn’t we pick something easier to carve? And why don’t I have a sharper knife?)

I guess Blade is black. That movie’s awesome. The Avengers are all white, and that’s all right. Ha! I guess Nick Fury’s black. He’s a conniving jerk, but he did put the Avengers together. Or did he? Is he in charge? And how did Robin Sparkles end up in that movie? I wonder if we’ll ever meet the mother. I wonder if those kids even like hearing about all the women their dad banged in his 20s. Shit! Neil Patrick Harris is gay! Man, he plays a convincing hound dog. Why does my hand hurt? What are we doing here? Why am I carving this? Oh, right. Thieves, Obama, etc. To hell with it. Too much work. I’m gonna go listen to some Lil’ Wayne.

Probably something like that.

Or, more likely, whatever 15 year-old dipshit thought it would be hilarious to carve this “shocking” symbol into the bathroom wall just simply got interrupted by a black dude. And he ran away like all wimpy ass white teenagers would do. And now we’re left with the funniest paean to half-hearted prejudice ever haphazardly scribbled above a public urinal.

That’s good comedy, half-hearted racist. We salute you and your dipshit ways.

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