Ep. 287: Shawn Marek Returns – WWE Podcast Engineer

Shawn Marek was on this show in late 2018 back when he was a Producer for PodcastOne. At the time, we were both huge professional wrestling dweebs and I thought it was boss that he produced Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Podcast. Well, here we are two and a half years later and Shawn works for…

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Things I DON’T Hate About Winter

Since I’m sick (again) and it’s snowing (again), and I’m reminded (again) of how much I hate this time of year with a burning passion, I thought a dose of good vibes would be a nice way to flip the script. I generally divide the year into two halves, the good part of the year…

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Ep. 212: Ryzin – Professional Wrestler

(Rob) Ryzin is an independent professional wrestler who I talked to on Episode 59 of this show. A lot has changed in the nearly four years since he appeared last, and we get into all of it here on this week’s show. For starters, Ryzin earned himself an official WWE tryout, which, as he explains…

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