RCD Packaging

Ep. 239: Reyna Bryan Returns – Creator of RCD Packaging

Reyna Bryan was here nearly 5 years ago touting Recycling Is Sexy on Ep. 49 of the podcast. So, what’s she been up to since then? Lots! For starters, she’s created RCD Packaging, which is a packaging innovation and supply company that helps brands transition into leading-edge sustainable materials and formats (compostable, bio-based and recyclable)….

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First Job: Reyna Bryan

Reyna Bryan makes her triumphant return to the show on Wednesday, January 22nd. You can check out her first episode from nearly five years ago (!) right here. In that time, Reyna has moved from social movement and consulting, to creating her own line of sustainable packaging solutions through RCD Packaging. But first, Reyna tells…

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