Pub Quiz

Ep. 365: Christopher Short – Quizmaster in Chief of Geeks Who Drink

Jeopardy! Superchamp Christopher Short returns to the show after first appearing 9 years ago in Episode 44 as part of #GeekMonth when he was but the Head Editor. I’ve always adored the whole vibe of Geeks Who Drink and used to play a ton. Then we had some damn wiener kids, go out a lot…

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Ep. 325: Julio Trujillo – Co-Founder of Colorado Trivia League

Julio Trujillo made his first appearance on this show more than 7 years ago on Episode 42 as part of pub quiz juggernaut team The Slumpbusters. Since then, he’s gone on to be a runner-up on Jeopardy! and a winner of the ABC game show The Chase, while still kicking ass at pub quiz all…

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