Old 121 Brewhouse

Things I DON’T Hate About Winter

Since I’m sick (again) and it’s snowing (again), and I’m reminded (again) of how much I hate this time of year with a burning passion, I thought a dose of good vibes would be a nice way to flip the script. I generally divide the year into two halves, the good part of the year…

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Ep. 214: Old 121 Brewhouse

Jason Bailey and Brett Zahrte are two of the founders of Old 121 Brewhouse in Lakewood, CO. Their doors have been open for just over two months, so they sat down with me to discuss what they’ve learned, what’s been most surprising, and what’s next. Through my company, I helped them with their rollout and…

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First Job: Jason Bailey

Jason Bailey is the head brewer at Old 121 Brewhouse, and he, along with fellow co-founder Brett Zahrte, will be the guest on Ep. 214 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast debuting Wednesday, June 5. It’s a great chat you won’t want to miss. But first, he shares with me his first job busing…

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