Top 5 Favorite Lines Shouted from Offscreen in a Movie or TV Show

Welcome to Top 5 Fun Friday, a regularly-occurring blog feature where I give you a list of extremely specific pointless shit from my life no one asked for. Why? Because the internet is incredibly un-fun in 2020 and I miss blogging. It’s Friday and these will be fun! This week’s list… Top 5 Funniest Lines…

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Ep. 266: Rob Rector – Podcaster OG, Film Buff

Rob Rector is responsible for my first ever podcast appearance. He ran a site called Natsukashi, and on May 1, 2009, he released our conversation with Stu Charno as the three of us discussed the 1985 gender-swapping farce Just One of the Guys. Rob’s structure of the show was impeccable, his hosting style amiable, and…

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