Kathy Walker

Ep. 361: The Jon of All Trades 10-Year Anniversary Mailbag!

This is the humble space where I produce this little show of mine for 10 years and counting. I’ve got my laptop, a monitor, a mic, an ergonomic upright mouse because I think I’m getting carpal tunnel from all the podcast editing I do, my Zoom recorder, pictures of my girls, sunglasses, and some of…

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Ep. 184: Kathy Walker – News Director, KOA NewsRadio

Kathy Walker is the News Director at 850 KOA NewsRadio in Denver. She has worked there since 1990. Any time I get to talk journalism, and radio in particular, I’m excited. Kathy’s had a fascinating career path having left college early to work as Marketing Director for a shopping mall in San Jose, winding through…

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