Justin Finesilver

Ep. 174: Justin Finesilver – Foster Parent, Advocate

Justin Finesilver has been on my show before. He was Episode 70 where we talked about his 3-D Printing Store. He’s also presented at my nonprofit venture Mile High 100 on behalf of his nonprofit Pawsthetics. We knew each other in college and worked together at the radio station. Yet, in all that time I…

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Ep. 70: Justin Finesilver – Co-Owner of The 3D Printing Store

Justin Finesilver is Co-Owner and Head of Marketing and Operations for The 3D Printing Store, headquartered in Northeast Denver. Not familiar with 3D Printing? This episode is wildly educational as Justin paints a full picture of what the technology is capable of. We discuss everything from uses in manufacturing, re-creating parts thought to be extinct…

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