Jon of All Trades 7-Year Anniversary

Ep. 285: Jason Taylor – Best Friend, Writing Partner, Muse (7-Year Anniversary)

To mark the occasion of the show’s 7-year anniversary, I decided to coax my best friend, my writing partner, and my greatest muse, Jason Taylor onto the show. He’s private by nature and doesn’t say a lot, but he’s my favorite person to collaborate with creatively and someone who makes me laugh harder than just…

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Top 5 Things I’ve Learned from Doing This Show for 7 Years

Welcome to Top 5 Fun Friday, a regularly-occurring blog feature where I give you a list of extremely specific pointless shit from my life no one asked for. Why? Because the internet is STILL incredibly un-fun in 2021 and I enjoy blogging. It’s Friday and these will be fun! This week’s list… Top 5 Things…

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