Joan Rogliano

Reflections on Five Years

This week the Jon of All Trades Podcast celebrates five years of being on the air and more than 200 guests. I realize as I write this, that’s longer than I’ve done any one thing professionally. My longest actual job tops out at four years and five months. I wrote Cru Jones Society for just…

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Ep. 205: Joan Rogliano – Founder of Wildflower Group, Realtor

Joan Rogliano is the founder of the Wildflower Group, which, for more than a decade, has empowered women by providing education, resources, connections to trustworthy professionals, fun events, and a community of emotional support.  From their website: Women experiencing divorce often feel alone, find a lack of resources, and don’t know where to turn or whom to…

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First Job: Joan Rogliano

Joan Rogliano is the Founder of the Wildflower Group, and Principal at Rogliano Real Estate Group. She has dedicated the last 13+ years to helping women write the next chapter of their lives after divorce by providing all sorts of resources to them. Her full episode debuts on Wednesday, January 30. But first, I ask…

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