Ep. 307: Zach Eastman – Podcaster, Filmmaker, Old Time Hollywood Enthusiast

Zach Eastman is my good buddy. Chief among the reasons he’s a good buddy of mine is that he’s just about the only person I’ve ever known (besides my own father) who can talk about W.C. Fields for three hours with me. Which we did on his show! You can find that right here. Zach…

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Ep. 286: Terrell Lamont – Multi-hyphenate Artist

Terrell Lamont is a multi-hyphenate artist. What does that mean? It means he’s a rapper-producer-filmmaker-cinematograhper-writer whose drive frequently gets him up at 4 o’clock in the morning to relentlessly pursue his creative passions. I was directed his way by Katie Jenkins at Tyler, The Creative Publicity because Terrell recently dropped two new singles, which you…

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First Job: Noah Mittman

Noah Mittman is the head honcho at Snowman Films, an award-winning video production company, and content marketing subscription service based in Golden, Colorado.  His full episode, in which he appears with his cohorts Evan Fries and Taylor Oxley, debuts Wednesday, August 21. But first, Evan tells me about his first job screwing off at a…

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