Ep. 311: Kaycee Heid – Registered Endocrinology Nurse, Former Punk Show Co-Host

Kaycee Heid is one of my best friends. I met her when I was 12, and our paths have crisscrossed ever since. We were in our middle school’s improv club together, we stayed pals throughout high school, we got into punk and ska music at the same time, we co-hosted The Bi-Polar Show on KCSU…

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Ep. 71: Aaron Mercer – Neuroscientist

Aaron Mercer is a neuroscientist, and a research scientist with Novo Nordisk. Considering I know next to nothing about what that entails, I was extremely excited for this week’s interview. After talking to Aaron, I realized I could subtitle this episode “How To Be a Scientist.” This is my favorite type of episode to do…

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