Denver Nuggets

Ep. 366: Shawn Drotar – Sports Media Personality of Mile High Sports

Shawn Drotar is the co-host of Sandy and Shawn on Mile High Sports as well as its Senior Editor. He has an incredible resume having done turns at ESPN and USA Today nationally, and a couple of tours of The Fan and Mile High Sports here in Denver. He has incredible intellect, insight and a…

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Ep. 346: Vic Lombardi – 9 Year Anniversary Spectacular!

The Jon of All Trades Podcast is officially 9 years old! If you had asked me when I started if I would still be doing this show 9 years later, I don’t think I would have said yes. But the truth is, while this show didn’t achieve the heights I wished for it when I…

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Top 5 Favorite Teams of All-Time

Welcome to Top 5 Fun Friday, a regularly-occurring blog feature where I give you a list of extremely specific pointless shit from my life no one asked for. Why? Because the internet is STILL incredibly un-fun in 2021 and I enjoy blogging. It’s Friday and these will be fun! This week’s list… Top 5 Favorite…

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