CSU Department of Communication Studies

Ep. 203: Dr. Martin Carcasson – CSU Professor, Director of Center for Public Deliberation

Martín Carcasson, Ph.D., is a professor in the Communication Studies department of Colorado State University, and the founder and director of the CSU Center for Public Deliberation (CPD). The CPD is dedicated to enhancing local democracy through improved public communication and community problem-solving. From their website: “Our aim is to improve the way our community…

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Jon’s Audio Resume Vol. 9: Public Speaking Teacher

Welcome to Jon’s Audio Resume, the Jon of All Trades solo exploration of all the weird ass jobs I’ve had in my life. This series runs in chronological order and here is my ninth job. Job: Public Speaking Teacher at Colorado State University Duration: 2004-2006 Pay: Full graduate school tuition, ~$1,100 per month stipend Did I get along…

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