Bree Davies

Ep. 361: The Jon of All Trades 10-Year Anniversary Mailbag!

This is the humble space where I produce this little show of mine for 10 years and counting. I’ve got my laptop, a monitor, a mic, an ergonomic upright mouse because I think I’m getting carpal tunnel from all the podcast editing I do, my Zoom recorder, pictures of my girls, sunglasses, and some of…

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Ep. 291: Peyton Garcia – Newsletter Editor at City Cast Denver

Peyton Garcia is the Newsletter Editor of City Cast Denver, one of my new favorite things in this city I love. What is City Cast Denver? I’ll let their own words explain it: City Cast Denver is Denver’s first daily news podcast, celebrating and challenging the city’s  news breakers and culture makers; activists and artists; neighbors and…

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Ep. 93: Bree Davies – Freelance Journalist, Denver Westword Columnist

Bree Davies cares about Denver. In fact, she cares about a lot of things, and you’d know that if you follow any of her social media accounts. Her Facebook is here. Her Instagram is here. And her Twitter (her favorite platform) is here. One of the most compelling aspects of Bree’s personality is her willingness…

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