Aerospace Engineer

Ep. 273: John Connelly – Co-Author of Beyond Kuiper, Aerospace Engineer

John Connelly is the co-author of Beyond Kuiper: The Galactic Star Alliance. Here’s a teaser of what you can expect from it, taken from THE B.K.U: There is no Drake equation. There is no question on sentience. The galaxy is alive, filled with life, the only issue, us humans aren’t invited. The Galactic Star Alliance…

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Ep. 110: Jake Gamsky – Aerospace Engineer, Founder of Universal Achievement Holistic Tutoring

Jake Gamsky is not a rocket scientist. “I’m actually an aerospace engineer,” he corrected me when I asked if he could be called a rocket scientist. I both appreciated his nuance in the nomenclature of his job, and chuckled at the idea of someone smart enough to turn down the opportunity to be classified as…

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